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Instant Cyber Quotes

With our Cyber IQ Comparative Rate Portal, we’re putting robust cyber coverage at your fingertips. There was a time when a cyber quote required a 15-page application completed with the help of your IT staff. For small businesses, most carriers have condensed that to 1-2 pages. With our Cyber IQ Portal, businesses can access as many as 7 cyber quotes in a matter of minutes if not seconds. Click the link below to access our portal and discover how easy we’ve made it to protect your business.

Cyber risk is one of the top concerns of business owners and executives. While breaches at large multinational corporations dominate news headlines, businesses of all sizes face risks ranging from ransomware to sophisticated and targeted attacks on a daily basis. As the risks have evolved, so has cyber insurance. It can be difficult to keep up while running the day-to-day of your core business. With our advice, service and expertise, we help businesses navigate the complex marketplace to find coverage best suited for their needs.

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